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Instead of granting almost-immortality, the horcruxes could be like fancy personal wards

Yes . So much yes.

Soul-splitting is bad fucking idea. why the hell would you want to do that?

Don’t Do that kind of shit. I’ve done it. The consequences are fucking insane. I did it out of necessity for reasons i’m not willing to share, but the costs for doing it is not a simple as “Oh, i don’t like what it’s doing. let me just take it back.” When you split your soul it’s not like it’s just some inanimate object that does what you command. It will have it’s own sentience and it may not fucking agree to do what you want. It may fucking try to beat the shit out of you because it fucking despises you for removing it so freely. It may run away. It might try to ruin every aspect of your life that you though you could control because who the fuck are you to them anymore now that they have their own spiritual body? Why the fuck should they listen to you because you said so? So what you’re they were part of you once? Every human baby was part of their mother and father once, doesn’t mean they obey everything their parents tell them to do. Don’t play around with that shit. I’ve had crippling depression, suicidal tendencies, homicidal tendencies, and a shit ton of other tendencies, because that’s the aspects of my fucking shattered soul coming back to fucking haunt me. Also! You don’t get to decide what part of your soul comes out. If you pull out all of your self-hatred and anger what the fuck do you think it’s gonna do once it has it’s own form.? Don’t fucking play with it. The consequences are real and they are dangerous. If not for the person i love more than myself’s intervention in my life, i wouldn’t be here to give you this advice. Don’t fucking play around with the idea of shattering your soul.  

Well that explains a few of Voldemort’s issues…

But for real tho. I don’t care what kind of magic user or whatever you call yourself you are. DO. NOT. DO. THE. THING.

autumnal witches | for some of them, it’s their favorite time of year: a season of life and death, of magic and mystery, of bonfires and black cats; a time when they can sense the other world so strongly that they can almost touch it


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Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

All natural with a smooth surface, this rainbow moonstone is wire wrapped and attached to a 16” 14k gold filled chain. Moonstone is a natural gemstone and shines a bright blue color when hit by light. Sold on Etsy.

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