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On the Fae—from my family tradition



Disclosure! This is based on the stories I heard from my family growing up! It is a very “family tradition” telling of ways to deal with the Fae. Mind you, my whole family passes down two things “very important” about the Fae, and then a bunch of tid-bit stuff. 1.) We have fae in our blood line (but who has family from a Celtic or Germanic nation and hasn’t heard that?) and 2.) Fae, of any court, will trick you just to see if they can, so always be careful.

Having said that, this is a quick list of things I was taught about dealing with the Fae

  1. The Fae are tricksters. They can not lie (on pain of death) but they will do everything in their ability to trick you, because it’s a game.
  2. Do NOT eat or drink anything the Fae offer you. If you ingest anything from their world you can’t leave, because the magic of the world will snare you.
  3. Some Fae are flat our evil. Some enjoy hurting people, and do it for fun.
  4. The Seelie court is not the “good” court, just the court of illusion and glamour
  5. The UnSeelie court is not the “evil” court, just the court of shadows and intrigue
  6. Not all Solitary Fae were banished from a court, some chose to leave. Not all Solitary Fae were banished for being “evil”, but some simply for refusing to follow directions from a higher ranking Fae, or for failing to conform to the “rules” of the court.
  7. The Slough is The Host, The Wild Hunt….they hunt down betrayers, oath-breakers, liars, thieves, and the like, and execute them. While the Slough is not evil, they are strict, and frightening.
  8. Fae in your garden is good luck
  9. You can leave the Fae offerings to promote a peaceful relationship. If you’re useful, then you’re likely to be left alone 
  10. Do not dance with the Fae, because you’ll become enspelled and dance till you die
  11. Do not step through a fairy ring, it’s easier to get into their world than it is to get out.
  12. Do not go seeking out ways to see Fae who wish to remain invisible. They want to be left alone for a reason, and can/may very well take your sight if you can see through their illusions
  13. To invite Fae who wish to be seen, leave honey, milk, or fresh bread by your garden
  14. Wear iron to keep a Fae from being able to grab you
  15. Hang iron above a childs crib to keep Fae from trading them out with a changling
  16. Let your children play with the Fae they see, so as not to offend the Fae, but never let them follow them
  17. Don’t play with water Fae, they don’t understand you need air to breath and live
  18. Don’t share blood with a Fae. They can enspell you if you give them your blood or hair
  19. Don’t use your full name when dealing with the Fae. Names have power, and if they learn your full name they can have power over you
  20. Mirrors do not reflect a Fae’s glamour perfectly, you can tell a Fae among mortals because their reflection will look "off"

taurotrickster knotted-vines am I forgetting anything?

I needed this I am convinced that there are fae on the mountain where my boyfriend lives

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